Full Optimization & Risk Management Analysis

Dr. Yong Li is an operations research specialist and trainer. She has over 10 years’ experience in optimization modeling and risk management. Her consulting career started in 2005 when she joined Health Quality Council in Canada. There, she successfully analyzed and modeled patient wait time in ERs. Suggestions supported by her model resulted in significant reduction of patient wait time. She became passionate in helping her clients in achieving their goals. Since then, she developed models to evaluate risks in innovative heavy oil catalyst technology for Headwaters Inc. Completed projects in scheduling, asset management, marketing decisions, utility management, supply chain, inventory management, etc., while she worked as consulting leader for Frontline Systems Inc. – who makes Excel Solver. She enjoys giving trainings to clients and has done so in LA, NY, Seattle, UK, and Panama. Yong is a snowboarding enthusiastic, Latin dance lover, and world traveler. Loving adventures and helping people, Yong will take on toughest optimization problems and give deep understanding of business risks. Dr. Yong Li received her MBA and PhD in management science from the University of Alberta.